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Fred Dryer News:  Fred did a 1/2 hour pilot for ABC called "Only Fools & Horses".   A comedy!   He plays a washed up stunt guy.

On April 04, 2012 Stepfanie guest starred in CSI "Split Decisions"


Stepfanie Kramer news!!!!

On January 05, 2012 Stepfanie guest starred in The CW's "The Secret Circle" as Kate Meade.  It has been announced that Kate is coming back!  WOOT!






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Great news, Hunter Fans - Mill Creek Entertainment released all 7 seasons of Hunter on DVD on June 22, 2010.

Finally, this series gets some justice!!        

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Hunter aired on NBC from 1984 through 1991 for a total of 7 seasons. In 1995 NBC aired a revival movie:  The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A. Stepfanie Kramer wasn't in that movie. Then in 2002 Hunter: Return to Justice aired and Hunter & McCall were back together but no longer in L.A. San Diego is their new digs.


RTJ was followed in 2003 by Hunter: Back In Force which kicked off what was supposed to be the revival of the series but they only aired three new one-hour episodes and filmed two more that were never shown. I wish they would have given us an ending . . . . a Hunter & McCall wedding.

The chemistry between Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer made Hunter a fantastic show that is as good today as it was when it first aired in 1984.

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This is a promo video for Stepfanie's stage show - The Great American Songbook


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